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16 Nov


Nov 19: Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour in Midland, MI

November 16, 2009 | By |

Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour at Northwood University

The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour ( is coming to Northwood University, 11.19.09, 3-7 pm, Sloan Auditorium.

Come hear young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders who’ve made, earned, and sold their company for millions and/or made a huge impact before 25. (See bios below)

Speakers will discuss how to:
* Build your personal brand
* Expand your network
* Define your life vision
* Get started on your goals even with limited resources.

All students can leverage the entrepreneurial mindset in this increasingly global and automated world.

This half-day event has four parts:
1) Successful Young Entrepreneur Keynote Speakers
2) Workshop- Dream / idea creation with action plan and accountability.
3) Two Networking Events
4) Extreme Entrepreneurship Panel

For more info about the format go to

Space is limited—reserve your spot today!

Keynote Speakers

MICHAEL SIMMONS is a young, serial, award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author of The Student Success Manifesto, and national keynote speaker to over 30,000 individuals.

Michael’s company, Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour, brings the country’s top young entrepreneurs to college campuses to spread the entrepreneurial mindset. Started in fall 2006, the tour has visited over 100 schools nation-wide and has received the Innovation Award from the National Association of Development Organizations and the Program of the Year award from Northern Michigan University. More can be learned at

Michael co-founded his first business, Princeton WebSolutions (PWS), when he was sixteen years old. PWS was later rated the #1 youth-run web development company in the nation by Youngbiz Magazine. In addition, Michael has been the winner of three entrepreneur of the year awards from the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Fleet, and the National Coalition for Empowering Youth Entrepreneurship. He and his company have been featured in five books and on the AOL Home Page, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, ABC, NBC, and CBS. Finally, in 2006, Michael was named by Business Week as one of the Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25.

ANTHONY DAVID ADAMS, 28, is an award winning American inventor and entrepreneur. Most recently, Anthony made headlines for his salacious education blog,, which at just one year old was named one of the Top 25 Blogs of 2009 by Time Magazine.

In addition to DetentionSlip, Anthony serves as CEO of CreditCovers: skins for credit cards — an angel funded company based on a product he invented, patented, and developed.

You may have seen him and his companies on FoxNews, Time Magazine, The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Fortune, BusinessWeek, Daily Candy, Glamour, Readers Digest, ABC, NBC, Cool Hunting, or 500+ other media outlets.

Anthony has consulted on innovation, creativity, branding and marketing for The United Nations, BMW, SC Johnson Wax, Inventibles, The Salvation Army, Bisnow Media Group, The Summit Series and others.

Previous to his work in the private sector, Anthony was executive director and lead lobbyist at United Council, a 120,000 member student organizing non-profit. He holds a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2005), and a Bachelors in Psychology from Edinboro University (2003).

Anthony lives in lower Manhattan and enjoys ultimate frisbee, chess, skydiving, vegan food, computer programming, rubiks cubes, running and working out with his Broadway star brother, Nick Adams.

JOESEPH A. PASCARETTA has been Chief Executive Officer of Alps Technology since 2000 and a member of the Board of Directors since he co-founded the company in June of 1999. Mr. Pascaretta has served as Chairman of the Board from February 2000 to present and President from June 1999 to January 2000. Mr. Pascaretta has been a member of the Executive Committee since June 1999. He served as President and Corporate Director of The Alps Lawn Company from May 2002 to June 2008. Mr. Pascaretta is a graduate of the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Hosted by: The Alden B. Dow Center for Creativity and Enterprise at Northwood University

Partner: The Mid Michigan Innovation Center

Partner: Incuba8 presented by Opportunity Analysts LLC.