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08 Apr



April 8, 2014 | By |

Incuba8 (pronounced “incubate”) is all about moving forward ideas, community, start-ups, businesses, products, and events.  We are about cultivating action in community to create a positive impact. It’s about mobilizing ideas and concepts with the best design and support possible. Incuba8 is about hatching ideas into reality.

Incuba8′s Purpose
• Accelerate the formation of entrepreneurial thinking through encouraging and enabling people to take on smaller projects that they can learn from (experiential learning)
• Cultivate close knit communities of action whether that is within a group, a university, a business, a city, or a state
• Give business start-ups the tools, resources, know-how, and connections to launch successfully
Cultivating Entrepreneurial Mindsets
Being an entrepreneur is a mindset; learning through a constant inquiry, looking for what could and should be, and navigating ambiguity to move from vision to actualization.