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08 Apr



April 8, 2014 | By |

Incuba8′s Approach

Incuba8 has designed the following elements to encourage a culture of entrepreneurship. Each element focuses on the individual who has ideas and mobilizes them through connecting them to knowledge, resources, encouragement, and opportunities (the four things that can hold people back).

Start-up Workshops
Our workshops were developed to help springboard aspiring entrepreneurs to the next phase. Incuba8 workshops are not lecture based. In Incuba8 workshops the aspiring entrepreneur actively works on developing their own concept.
We connect creative people with ideas to help them collaborate to make their ideas reality in a monthly meetup. This currently takes place in downtown Midland, MI at our incuba8LABS space with plans to potentially expand to other locations.
The LABS are a shared creative workspace for innovative problem solving in downtown Midland. Our goal is to provide equipment, a constant stream of inspiration, and experts to guide you through rough terrain. We encourage one another in learning new skills, as well as cross-concentration collaboration.

All of Incuba8′s initiatives incorporate the key elements of “hotbeds of Talent” identified by Daniel Coyle in the The Talent Code, including “targeted methods of practicing, specific methods of motivating, and coaching.”

For more information, email Caryn at incuba8 dot com.