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01 Jan


Reed Shick, Ph.D Physical Chemistry, Intellectual Capital Strategist

January 1, 2010 | By |

Dr. Reed Shick is the Intellectual Capital Manager for Core Research and Development at The Dow Chemical Company. He is currently responsible to direct and implement protection strategies for intellectual capital including; patent planning and obtention, trade secrets, technology licensed in or out, publication strategy, trademark obtention and obtaining freedom to operate opinions. This includes directing researchers and attorneys to obtain patents on new technology, directing research to obtain patents, and completing competitive analysis. Dr. Shick has made several connections between different technologies in Dow and was a contributor to six Invention Disclosures in 2008.

Reed Shick received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Michigan.  During that time period Dr. Shick also co-founded the Midland Charter Initiative, a not-for-profit 501.c.3, which runs the Midland Academy of Advanced and Creative Studies. Dr. Shick has served in several community positions and is currently serving on the Ingersol Township Zoning Board of Appeals.  His specialties include intellectual capital management and protection strategies, liquid formulations, surface science, licensing, patent planning, trade secrets, and educational startups. Currently he is interested in pursuing expertise consulting opportunities, new business ventures, and scientific research.

Books Dr. Shick  recommends: Visioneering by Andy Stanley and Rembrandts in the Attic: Unlocking the Hidden Value of Patents by Kevin G. ivette

Presentation: Intellectual Primer for Entrepreneurs

Description: Do you have a product concept, but you are not sure how to protect your idea or even how to do a basic patent search? Dr. Shick will be shedding light on a confusing subject to most entrepreneurs, Intellectual Capital. Dr. Shick will be speaking on what IP is and some of the basic tools entrepreneurs can use to review their IP position, IP strategy, and make recommendations specific to the companies represented.