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29 Jul


Summer Events- 2009

July 29, 2009 | By |

We are proud to present Incuba8 2009(pronounced “Incubate”)! Local startup consultant Caryn Shick of Opportunity Analysts, LLC is teaming up with Midland Tomorrow, the Mid-Michigan Innovation Center,Northwood University- Alden B. Dow Creativity Center, and an array of entrepreneurs from all over the country to bring you a series of three entrepreneurial conferences that will guide you through the start-up process and help you launch your dream business. (Thank you sponsors!)

Come hear how Alex Lindahl founded, and how a variety of other successful entrepreneurs have built their businesses from scratch. If you are serious about creating new revenue streams, launching a product, building an info site, or just developing a small source of automated income, Incuba8 will have something for you. Incuba8 will allow you the opportunity to develop your concept, create your vision, and launch your company from start to finish.

Below are the breakdowns of the events that will be held throughout August. If you are excited about pursuing your dreams, generating income, and want to learning how to navigate the startup process, register today!

Incuba8 is looking for:

  • People with great business ideas
  • Local inventors with that would like to be included in the area innovation showcase
  • Business mentors and presenters with startup expertise
  • Entrepreneurial support organizations that would like to be included in the organizational fair

Why Incuba8?

  • Too many great ideas sit without being pursued
  • It is possible to do what you want and get paid
  • There are many free resources waiting to be tapped into
  • The entrepreneurial process is full of ambiguity and learning to navigate that ambiguity can be daunting on your own




Below are the events this summer. Come to the an individual event or the whole program!

Area Innovation ShowcaseAugust 10th, 10:15- 11:30 am, Alden B. Dow Creativity Center, Midland, MI

  • Meet the area’s most creative innovators, services providers , inventors, and product creators.
  • Showcase your new invention or business idea to angel investors, customers, and other entrepreneurs at the first Area Innovation Showcase. REGISTER Here!

Concept Crafting Boot Camp August 10-12th, Alden B. Dow Creativity Center, Midland, MI

  • A workshop that helps you create a viable and feasible business proposal by helping you walk through the ideation process needed to outline your startup’s purpose, strategy, and revenue model. This workshop targets motivated entrepreneurs under 30.
  • Suggested donation: $65 (scholarships available upon qualification). REGISTER Here!

Entrepreneurial and Social Entrepreneurial Meetup August 12th, 7:00 pm, 2470 E NewCastle Ln, Midland

  • A networking event creating connections among smart, driven people from all walks of life in Mid-Michigan to build a better community and world together.
  • Suggested donation: $5

Mid Michigan Innovators Speakers Series, Alex Lindahl, Co-Founder of College Mogul August 13th, 4:30 pm, The Sloan Building at Northwood University, Midland, MI

Business Launch WeekendAugust 13-16th, The Sloan Building at Northwood University, Midland, MI

  • Develop your own business concept with the help of our mentors and experts targeting motivated individuals under 30.
  • Don’t have a business concept? Jump on board with some of the hottest new concepts in Michigan and contribute your talent to making them a reality. REGISTER Here!

Business Setup ConferenceAugust 18th,  8:00 am-7 pm, Mid Michigan Innovation Center, Midland, MI

  • Have all of your startup questions answered by the experts.
  • This event is focused on walking startups through the organizational structure, legal & accounting setup, intellectual capital strategies, and licensing your idea.
  • Attendees will receive instruction from Intellectual Property Specialists, Start-up Lawyers, Accounting Specialists and more.
  • Suggested donation: $100.  REGISTER FOR THE BUSINESS SETUP CONFERENCE Here!

If you or someone you know is interested or is considering a business start-up check out our website or contact Caryn Shick at [email protected] or 989-430-3518.

27 Jul


Aug 10: Area Innovation Showcase

July 27, 2009 | By |

Do you have a new product that you are trying to launch? Have a startup that is doing something innovative and unique? Want to inspire young entrepreneurs and let people in Mid Michigan know what you are doing? Interested in what innovations other people are doing in the area?

Show off your concept or attend the:

Area Innovation Showcase
Monday, August 10th 10:30am-11:30am
Alden B. Dow Creativity Center
2203 Eastman Road, Midland, Michigan 48640

This event will kick off Incuba8’s Concept Crafting Bootcamp which will walk young entrepreneurs through the process of developing a concept into a viable business. Register Today!

13 Jul


Aug 13-15: Business Launch Weekend

July 13, 2009 | By |

The Business Launch weekend is held at the Sloan Family Building at Northwood University, 4000 Whiting Dr. Midland, MI 48640 (click on address for map) on Thursday August, 13 – Saturday, August 15.

Sloan Conference Center

We’re looking for people with big ideas, graphic designers, marketers, web developers, and finance people. Let’s work together to make concepts a reality.

• Young people with great business ideas
• Business mentors and presenters with startup expertise
• Entrepreneurial support organizations that would like to be included in the organizational fair

The Business Launch Weekend will bring together people interested in starting up or contributing to businesses from the surrounding area to work on developing specific concepts over a weekend. The first night is spent discussing ideas, presenting possible launches, choosing opportunities to be pursued, and organizing into teams. The rest of the weekend will be spent creating a business plan, website, business systems, and operational plans. Students who participate may be able to apply for internship credit from their university.

Day 1 -Thursday August 13, 2009

6:00pm Arrival, Introduction of Volunteers and Participants
6:30pm New Venture Pitches (Open to all participants with business concept- please submit on website beforehand)
• 7 minute presentation with 3 minute Q&A follow-up
8:00pm Self-Selection Process of Teams
9:00pm Check Point 1- Elevator Pitch
• Description of elevator pitch components will be available on website.
10:00pm Social Mixer – Event breaks to local establishment to continue developing ideas and meet participants

Day 2 -Friday August 14, 2009

9:00am Building Opens (Teams can meet if desired)
9:30 – 10:00am Welcome & Overview of the Business Plan Blitz
12:00pm Check Point 2- Teams have completed name (keywords), tagline, executive summary, vision statement, and have purchased URL and hosting
12:30 Lunch Break and Debriefing
4:00pm Check Point 3- Create basic live website/ wire frame, personalized email
1 page description of your business to inform the public, credibility establishing plan, identify keywords & setup sample Google Adsense & Adword campaign, logo & business card design (possibility of extension)
5:00pm Event Break- Teams finish all check points and fully debrief

Tentative Presentations (10-20 minutes each throughout the day, optional attendance):
Website tips and trick
Simple strategies for securing web traffic
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Integration

Day 3 –Saturday, August 15, 2009

9:00am Building Opens
9:30- 10:00am Official Start and Marketing Blitz Overview
12:30pm Lunch break
2:30pm Check Point 4- Basic survey for potential customers, pricing, sales strategy plan, startup costs, create web presence strategy integrating social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
5:00pm Checkpoint 5- Pro forma statements draft, report on what was learned, what worked, what didn’t work, and packet of all previous deliverables and accomplishments, elevator
pitch (take 2)
6:30pm Mixer and Final Debrief

Tentative Presentations (10-20 minutes each throughout the day, optional attendance):
From basement to board room: how to create business credibility & consumer confidence
Pricing models
Attract buyers: New strategies and new guarantees for generating sales.

Day 4 –Sunday, August 16, 2009

2:00pm Community Presentation of New Business Concepts & Entrepreneurship Fair
5:30pm Closing Comments

These events are being hosted free on your behalf by Opportunity Analysts, LLC and our sponsors. There is a suggested donation of $65.00 for this event. The sponsors and many volunteers who will be bringing you these events will greatly appreciate any support you can provide.

Register Now!