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Craft & Launch your Vision into a Product, Service, or Startup 

Incuba8 Startup workshops help springboard aspiring entrepreneurs through the stages of ideation, concept development, vetting and validation, and launch. Check out some of our workshops…

Ide8 – Don’t have an idea?

Ide8 is a workshop for those who know that they’d like an entrepreneurial project of their own but they aren’t sure what to do. Ide8 facilitates people coming up with ideas unique and interesting to them. It helps people identify inconveniences and annoyances they have power change, personal interests and passions, and personal preferences on the attributes the idea must have.

Concept Crafting – Do you have a great idea that you’d like to pursue?

Concept Crafting helps you shape a raw idea into a viable business concept. The interactive workshop includes looking at personal goals, needs met, intended outcomes, and concisely defining your idea. It crafts your concept through understanding what your future customers want and desire and will pay.

Circul8 – Accelerating feedback and insights

Circul8 is a 1-1 conference and feedback event where aspiring entrepreneurs that developed idea meet one on one with domain experts in distribution, pricing, branding, technology, sales, intellectual property, customer acquisition, and more for 30mins each. This accelerates the development of failure of the concept and saves the aspiring entrepreneur hours and weeks of time in research. Attendees get valuable insight and feedback on the feasibility and viability of their business concept and model.

Configur8- Business Setup Seminar

Business setup seminar  is a two day event designed to help walk aspiring Entrepreneurs and new business startups through the legal and financial setup. process. Including topics such as protecting your idea, operating agreements, licensing, trademarks, patents, and more!