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concept crafting workshop

Have a great idea that you’d like to pursue?

Concept crafting helps you shape a raw idea into a viable business concept. In this interactive workshop you will concisely define your idea and identify your goals, customer needs, and intended outcomes. Craft your concept around what your future customers want, desire, and will pay for.

  • Create, clarify, and articulate your business vision and purpose
  • Understand your customers needs and define your venture scope
  • Develop your service and product
  • Create a viable business model
  • Map your next steps to make your vision a reality

The Experience
Over three days, you will develop your idea alongside of four to six other people. Laptops are a must. No entrepreneurial or business experience is required.

Next Workshop
Fri- April 25, 6:30-9:30pm | Sat- April 26, 1-4pm | Sun- April 27, 2-5pm
127 E. McDonald Street, Midland, MI, 48640

gray 512x512 copy 52DAY 1: Vision Crafting

  • Create, clarify, and articulate your organizational vision & purpose
  • Define the needs and problems you plan to address and the desired impact of your business
  • Learn who your customers will be, understand their pain points and motivations, and sculpt your venture scope to meet those needs

gray 512x512 copy 69-2DAY 2: Service | Product Development

  • Understand who will benefit from your business and ways to position yourself
  • Identify who will pay for the product and why
  • Create incentives
  • Align strategy to customer needs
  • Develop the logistics strategy
  • (Possible IP/ Idea protection mini-session)

gray 512x512 copy 72DAY 3: Business Model & Next Steps

  • Create a viable business model
  • Review online and service revenue model options
  • Understand your pricing method
  • Map your next steps in launching the organization

Caryn is extraordinarily focused on making things happen. She is dedicated to helping others succeed, and is constantly on the lookout for opportunities. She has a keen eye for recognizing where connections need to be made, how to leverage resources to help make the connection fit, and she’ll stop at nothing to see a project though to fruition. On top of all this, she is a person of the utmost integrity and is gifted with great vision, unparalleled potential and drive.

Joe Minock // Digital Business Strategist and eCommerce Consultant