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04 Aug


College Mogul Speaking at Incuba8 Entrepreneur Conference

August 4, 2009 | By |

COLLEGE MOGUL- Seed capital firms and incubators like TechStars, DreamIt Ventures, and Capital Factory aren’t the only type of programs that continuing to open up for young entrepreneurs. There’s plenty of others (just to name a couple of recent ones I’ve come across) including new meetup groups such as Dart Boston, a new initiative to enable students to interact and tour start-ups that’s being lead by Scott Kirsner from the Boston Globe, and a new program in mid Michigan called Incuba8 that I’ll be speaking at.

Incuba8’s goal is to inspire and encourage entrepreneurial activity in the area for those under the age of 30. Caryn Shick, one of the co-founders of the events, explained to me that “there’s a lot technology development in the area, but most sit on shelfs because there aren’t enough entrepreneurs to commercialize the technology.” This goes along with my theory that we’ll need an increasing amount of entrepreneurs to reap the benefits of the rapid pace of technological development.
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