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Design & Innovation Consultancy

Where Creativity Meets Practicality 


Where Creativity Meets Practicality

Innovative design requires beginning with the end in mind, knowing desired outcomes, and understanding the human element at all stages of your business and process.

Great Outcomes from Great Design

* Concept Development
* Customer Feedback & Design
* Product Development
* Positioning Strategy
* Intellectual Capital Strategy
* Cultivating Entrepreneurial Culture


We create materials that capture your brand.

Our customized and cohesive branding draws in your target market. We can help you build a brand identity that reflects you, is easily recognizable, and creates a unified customer experience.

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Design is all in the details

Brand Identity
Brand Architecture, Business Identity, Logo, Imagery, Style Guides

Print Design
Advertisements, Booklets, Banners, Billboards

Interaction Design
Information Architecture, UX / UI

Event Design
Trade Shows, Pitches, Presentations, Programs


What is Ideation?

Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas. This process includes all stages of a thought cycle, from innovation to development and then to actualization.

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One-on-One Sessions

You can book an exclusive ideation session at our our typical consulting & coaching rate of $125/ hour.

Weekly Ideation Groups

This is a great place to discover your vision, get open, honest feedback, and to map out the next steps. Join our weekly ideations for $15 per session:

Wednesdays from 3:00-5:00pm, incuba8LABS, 713 Ashman St, Suite 4, Midland, MI

Business Coaching

Overcome Your Obstacles.

Our customized one-on-one coaching gets you next steps, regardless of what stage you’re in, i.e. start-up, new business, expanding business or those in need of strategic assessment. We welcome both for-profit and nonprofit entities, from Single Member LLCs to large corporations.

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Focus Areas

We assess and guide strategy in areas including: expansion, design, product launch, opportunity analysis, and marketing.

The Experience

During our coaching, we map out your struggles (we love white boards!) and ask questions to combat ambiguity. Then we offer solutions with tangible next steps.