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Pitch Training

For Individuals, Organizations, and Schools 

Let Us Help Craft the Business Pitch

Bring us in to help your business, members, or students with their business and startup pitches. We offer a 90 minute pitch training workshop for individuals at incuba8LABS or for your organization on-site. We have worked with high school students, colleges, accelerator programs, and businesses.

Pitch Training Workshop Objective

Guide participants through the process of formulating a business pitch that clearly articulates their vision and resonates with their intended audience (investors, partnerships, customers, etc).

Pitch Training Goals

– Understand the content and delivery needed for an effective pitch
– Be exposed to several successful pitches to visualize a good pitch
– Articulate their concept in a manner that is quickly and clearly understood
– Communicate the problem being solved, solution, audience, opportunity, differentiation, revenue model, and growth plan
– Understand the importance of a call-to-action at the closing of their pitch
– Develop a pitch that sparks the interest of investors

Program Outline

Our approach includes the following:
– Show an example of a good pitch
– Go over the elements of a good pitch
– Have participants identify and capture the core elements of their pitch and coach them through the initial pitch writing
– Record students doing their initial pitch
– Depending on the number of people and time constraints- either pick one business to give detailed feedback to as an example the class and/ or have the participants split into groups of two where they give each other feedback

Resources used: Powerpoint, pitch training handout, pitch worksheet, feedback form

Resources Provided

For organizations- incuba8 will provide a facilitator(s) as well as the use of our curriculum, guides, and content for the duration of this class. All resources provided are owned and copyrighted by incuba8. Participants will get printed materials to help them more clearly and tangibly organize their thoughts.

Secure incuba8 for Pitch Training

We are currently scheduling out our workshops for the upcoming school year. Please contact us to learn more about our program and availability by emailing [email protected].