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08 Jan


Opportunity Analysts LLC

January 8, 2010 | By |

Opportunity Analysts LLC, a new venture out of Midland, MI aims to help people with great ideas turn into Entrepreneurs. This is done through innovative Incuba8 programs, EntreMeetups, and startup consulting.

Incuba8 was first piloted as a summer program in August 2009. “We organized it in two months and had over 60 people that came to our events, four people from out-of-state. It was a wild success,” said Caryn Shick the 23 year-old founder. Incuba8 has a Concept Crafting Workshop takes ideas and organizes them into a realistic business startup concept. It also has a Business Startup Conference that walks Entrepreneurs through the steps of forming their legal entity, setting up their books, and how to protect their ideas using intellectual capital strategies. Incuba8 will soon have a Entrepreneurs conference in April.

EntreMeetup is a gathering of Entrepreneurs and Social Entrepreneurs that started in Spring 2009. The group meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in Midland, MI. EntreMeetup consistently attracts a diverse group of entrepreneurs, angel investors, scientists, attorneys, and passionate students. The main purpose of the group is to create a community of people that help each other launch and grow their business startup. A lot of the attendees are modern day innovators with game-changing ideas. EntreMeetup was inspired by a a meetup that Caryn Shick attended put on by Ryan Allis, 24- yr-old founder of In less than a year, EntreMeetup has attracted attendees from MI, GA, MA, FL, and AZ.

Opportunity Analysts LLC also provides coaching and consulting. Previous projects include forming marketing plans, business plans, strategic plans, creating pitches, internet branding, and search engine optimization.


  1. Ray O'Laughlin

    Hello Ms. Shick,
    I am currently working with the National Charter Schools Institute in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Our President Jim Goenner shared with me that you are very experienced in the area of social networking and media. Social networking is something we are attempting to get a better understanding of, and how we could leverage it here at NCSI. You seem to have a very good grasp in this area and we (Jim and I) would appreciate an opportunity to listen and learn from you. Would you be interested in sharing? Thank you for your consideration.

    Ray O’Laughlin
    National Charter Schools Institute
    Telephone  (989)774-2999
    Cell Phone (616)566-5450