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08 Nov



November 8, 2013 | By |

gray 512x512 copy 52DAY 1: Vision Crafting

• Create, clarify, and articulate your organizational vision & purpose
• Define the needs and problems you plan to address and the desired impact of your business
• Learn who your customers will be, understand their pain points and motivations, and sculpt your venture scope to meet those needs

gray 512x512 copy 69-2DAY 2: Service | Product Development & Strategy

• Understand who will benefit from your business and ways to position yourself
• Identify who will pay for the product and why
• Create incentives
• Align strategy to customer needs
• Develop the logistics strategy
• (Possible IP/ Idea protection mini-session)

gray 512x512 copy 72DAY 3: Your Business Model & Next Steps

• Create a viable business model – including learning about different online, and service business model options, as well as understanding pricing methods
• Map your next steps in launching the organization